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A Short Guide to Buying Apple Trees

apple trees

Growing apple trees is already a difficult task as it is. There are a lot of internal and external factors that you have to consider, including the environment, weather, possible risks of diseases, and likes. This is just one of the reasons why the said fruit tree is one of the hardest to grow.

To somehow make the task easier, there’s one thing that you can do – buy high-quality starter trees to take care of. No matter the type of apple tree you’re looking into, it’s just right that you prioritize quality and several other essential factors.

If you want to ensure that you’ll make the right decision in buying apple trees, then head on to the following sections.

Factors to Consider in Buying Apple Trees

If you see a sign saying “apple trees for sale,” you don’t immediately go to the store and buy whichever is available.

You first need to consider a lot of factors to ensure that you’ll get the best possible choice around. These factors include the condition of the roots, the trunk’s health, the tree’s age, rootstock, and certain apple variety.

Apart from these certain characteristics, you should check if the overall tree stays as a well-growing tree that is free from any kind of issues, plant diseases, and poor fruit growth.

You can consider asking the store you’re looking into. However, it’s still important that you have your own knowledge about what makes a high-quality tree.

Different Kinds Apple Trees You Can Buy

There are different kinds of apple trees. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of plant.

Some variants include the Christmas Pearmain, Egremont Russet, Granny Smith, Idared, Irish Peach, Lady Lambourne, Michaelmas Red, Rivers Early Peach, Scarlet Pimpernel, and St. Edmund’s Pippin. These are just some of the most popular.

Although the most evident difference between these is the colour (green, yellow, and red), note that these also have different growing requirements.

You need to choose depending on your preference, and what you think will suit your needs more.

For instance, if you’re growing it for personal matters, then pick the one that fits your taste. If it’s for business, on the other hand, you should look into which is most profitable.

Where to Buy Apple Trees

Chris Bowers and Sons offer a lot of high-quality fruit trees for sale. With them, you can also expect varying kinds of apple trees, which makes them a versatile shop. Along with affordable prices, you will also get access to their reliable customer service. If you want apple trees with a quality that reigns, then head to their website and order through a phone call or email arrangement.



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